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Mine's a Moggie

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Loves the classic design - Volker Hülsewiesche at an Essen classic car show with his British-made 1957 Morris Minor, which he drives every dayThe UK may have its legions of classic Volkswagen Beetle fans, but Germany has a small club dedicated to a British motoring icon – the Morris Minor.

A typical owner is Volker Hülsewiesche, who is so enamoured with the quintessential English car that he has three of them.

The eccentric 52-year-old, who runs a home nursing service in Essen, uses his 1957 black “Moggie” every day to get to work – even in winter.

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Weser School’s legacy

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Phil Bougeard and Weser School presented the Pied Piper mosaic to the Stadt-Galerie manager, Susanne SchubertWeser School was determined to leave the folks of Hameln something artistic to fondly remember the British presence in the town.

So SCE art teacher Phil Bougeard and the schoolchildren got together to decide on a theme – and perhaps not surprisingly, it was a salute to the legend of the Pied Piper.

Phil designed, crafted and produced a mosaic of the town’s mascot, which celebrates the partnership and friendship between the school and Hameln.

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Now that's real beer, buddy!

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This job is tops – US filmmaker Matt Sweetwood, who hails from the Midwest, is  getting to know Germans better by sampling the regional brewsAn American living in Berlin has made a highly entertaining documentary-cum-road movie that explores “the heart” of German culture – its beer.

The quirky Beerland has gained a cult following and garnered praise for its director and writer, Matt Sweetwood, who hails from the Midwest.

Though he has lived in Germany since 1995, Matt still finds its people and their culture a mystery. But he has a penchant for their “golden liquid bread”.

The 85-minute film – now out on DVD – shows him paving his own personal beer trail, discovering a new side of Germany that is equally puzzling – a place governed by thousands of different traditions, rules and emotions.

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