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Major chatter

British Army Sgt Maj Glenn Haughton (left) talks with US Army Sgt Maj Dan DaileyBritish Army Sgt Maj Glenn Haughton talks to his American counterpart, Sgt Maj Dan Dailey, the US Army’s top enlisted soldier, at the Army Sergeant Majors conference, on September 7 at the Royal Military Academy School Sandhurst.

Sgt Maj Glenn Haughton was the first soldier to fill the new post in September 2015, which was created to ensure the British Army’s most senior staff understand what life is like for soldiers serving in the British Army.

He will serve as the Army sergeant major for three years.

Easel does it

Finishing touches – gifted artist Andy Jenkins, drawdown manager HQ BFG ES Branch, finds painting a very rewarding pastimeBielefeld resident Andy Jenkins kept his vast artistic talents hidden during his Army career, but nowadays he’s happy to share his passion for painting with the BFG community. 

The former Senior NCO spends at least seven hours a week creating vivid landscapes from his imagination that perfectly capture the beauty of nature. 

Andy “paints from the heart” and has a natural gift for conveying an emotion to the viewer.

“I’ve been an artist all my life. I sold my first oil painting aged 10. It was of a clown,” says Andy, who served in the RLC for 22 years and now works for HQ BFG ES Branch as a drawdown manager.

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What a year!

Pupils attending King’s Vocational Hub were trilled to receive a combined total of 102 vocational qualifications, together with 41 GCSE maths, English and Functional Skills qualificationsSince PSPS was rebranded and restructured as King’s Vocational Hub (KVH) and became an integral part of King’s School in September 2015, it has enjoyed phenomenal success in such a short period of time.  

When it first opened its doors this time last year, 51 students enrolled on numerous vocational courses ranging from engineering, customer services, hairdressing, fitness instruction, warehousing and storage, and business administration, to STLS and employability.

In January 2016, KVH opened its doors for the first time in the newly renovated building previously used for King’s School boarders.  

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