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Above and beyond

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Garrison Deputy Commander, Lt Col Weetman presenting the Westfalen Garrison Commander’s Commendation to Garry Trott Garry Trott, King’s School head teacher, was recently awarded the Westfalen Garrison Commander’s Commendation. 

He had called a staff meeting for what turned out to be a very emotional farewell to all of his staff, thanking them for all their efforts, hard work and support during his tenure.

It was then that the Garrison Deputy Commander, Lt Col Weetman slipped in to surprise Gary with the award.

The citation below was read to the staff by Alex Foreman, Gary’s successor as head teacher, and was extremely well received by the staff, a large portion of whom seemed to be holding back tears, another indicator that Gary’s tremendous leadership and passion will be sorely missed.

The citation is an incredible read and testament to this ambassador for education and shows just how much he has improved the lives and education of the children in our community.

“FEW head teachers have immersed themselves in the life of their school as fully as Garry Trott.  Under his visionary leadership, improvement in the standards of teaching and learning, together with the care and well-being of students, have been significant and sustained. 

He leaves King’s School in an excellent position to navigate the remaining years after a long and proud history.

Good leadership requires focus and passion, and in appointing Garry Trott to lead King’s School in 2007, the Governors secured the talents of a man who would successfully steer the school through two challenging inspections and secure its position as one of the UK’s most successful schools.

‘The head teacher provides exemplary leadership with an unrelenting drive to achieve the school’s aim for excellence.’ (HMI 2012)

Garry has combined the requirement for innovation and change with a strong desire to maintain the best of traditions which have been the hallmark of the School over the past fifty years. 

The reputation of the students for outstanding behaviour and good manners remains a strength that has been recognised and appreciated by visitors, education professionals, members of the local community and senior military personnel.

The open and inclusive nature of Garry’s leadership has been reflected in the manner of his involvement in all aspects of school and community life. 

Not content with developing and sharing a vision he has ensured, that by modelling behaviour and demonstrating his expectations, it becomes reality.  

He is rarely found in his office;  headship has not diminished his commitment to classroom practice and taking responsibility for teaching examination groups or covering classes when necessary.  

During a production he will play a cameo; when he requires staff to mentor students, he will mentor the most challenging. He demands nothing of his staff that he could not expect of himself; a quality that teachers and students recognise and respect.

More recently the challenge of meeting the needs of colleagues facing an uncertain future has provided a new focus. 

Through the introduction of a range of innovative leadership strategies, Garry has begun the process of empowering a new generation of school leaders and managers capable of meeting the needs of King’s School, or of moving on to their own fresh challenges back in the UK.  

Similarly, by investing heavily in the professional development of teaching and support staff, people will be increasingly prepared for change when it finally comes.

The energy and drive brought by Garry to his role has left the school much enriched.  He leaves a ‘harmonious community where students from different nations and cultures come together to enjoy learning and develop their social and academic skills’ (HMI 2012).

It is with sadness that we see his departure; Garry Trott is leaving a school where staff, parents and students will never forget him. We wish him well.

He embodies the finest qualities of a headmaster and for this he is unreservedly awarded the Commander Westfalen Garrison Commendation.”

Amazing feet of endurance

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Nijmegen 2014Walkers of the world step up to the challenge at this year's gruelling Nijmegen Marches

Military and civilian walkers of the world gathered in the Netherlands on July 15 to take part the 98th four-day Nijmegen Marches.

British Armed Forces personnel joined thousands of other military personnel from across the world for the annual event, known as the largest in the world.

Known locally as the Vierdaagse, the event is the Netherlands' biggest festival, attracting over one million people every year to watch participants take on the challenge of a lifetime. 

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Soldier groped massage therapist

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A British Serviceman who sexually assaulted a massage practitioner after she had treated him has been given 18 months’ military detention and dismissed from the Army.

Gavin Haampu, 25, a private soldier based in BFG, grabbed the woman, pulling her on to the massage table and groping her body.

The married complainant told him to stop touching her and to leave the salon but he carried on the assault.

She feared she would be raped and only managed to free herself from his grasp after telling Haampu it wasn’t the time or place and that they could meet later.

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