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Thugs jailed over violent assault on comrade

Two Fallingbostel-based Highlanders have been jailed for a total of 11 years for their part in a “grotesquely violent” revenge attack on a comrade.

LCpl Robert Banks was alone in his SLA room in barracks and on night duty when Hldrs Craig Adey and Steven O’Neill burst in and repeatedly punched him in the jaw, breaking it twice and causing blood to spray on to the walls.

The victim had to crawl into his wardrobe to protect his head from the “horrific and relentless attack”, which included his being kicked and stomped on.

Another soldier, Hldr Craig Martin, had followed the attackers into LCpl Banks’ room but did not assault the victim himself. However, a court martial heard that he had instigated the violence by “winding up” his comrades.

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Dream Becomes Reality

A chance comment from Maj Martin Waters (Retd) in 2005 in the NATO Mess on Normandy Barracks, saw the vision of Frau Irene Bröckling become a reality. 

Her dream of running a Waldkindergarten – a nursery with the emphasis on healthy outdoor activities – took shape over a conversation with Irene’s husband, Bernhard. 

The Waldkindergarten in Hövelhof, near Sennelager opened in 2007 and now has some 48 children from the ages of two to six.

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Together strong

Although the last BFG troops left Münster in 2013, a small but strong British presence can still be felt inside the city walls within the 1st German/Netherlands Corps.  

Based close to Münster city centre at Schlossplatz, adjacent to the historic palace, the Corps is one of NATO’s High Readiness Forces Headquarters (HRF) with a similar organisation and role to HQ ARRC in Gloucester. 

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