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New tax relief claim form

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Transitional arrangements for use of Abwicklungsschein

The form used by members of BFG to claim tax relief on goods and services  purchased in Germany is known as the Abwicklungsschein.

In July of this year a new version of the form was introduced by the German government.

The reason was to update the Abwicklungsschein (ABW) to reflect the introduction of the new Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) banking system.

Instead of the old non-standard bank sort code and account number, a new standard form International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identification Code (BIC) was introduced for all transfers in Euros (not in Sterling). This mandated system is now in use throughout Europe, including the UK.

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Introduction of 3 year BFG registrations

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From September 1, 2014, all BFG vehicle registrations will be for a period of three years, replacing the now outdated and unnecessarily restrictive one year BFG period. 

This move is part of the VLOs ongoing mandate to make the BFG registration process more customer-friendly, as well as evolving the system into something akin to the more familiar UK process (where the onus is very much on personal responsibility).

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