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Leaving children at home alone

As a parent, caring for your child is your number one priority. But sometimes you might have to spend time away from your child, whether it’s to go to work, go out for the evening or just to nip out to the shops.

There’s no legally set age at which it’s okay to leave your child at home alone. It depends on whether yours is mature enough to cope in an emergency and feels happy about being left alone. Children mature at different ages and every child is an individual.

Your children rely on you to protect them and you are responsible for making sure that they are happy and well looked after in your absence.

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Reduce food waste with the FSA Freezer Fairy this Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas follow our Freezer Fairy’s tips on how to prepare your festive food in advance and reduce food waste from leftovers
by making the most of your freezer.

Plan your Christmas meals and and reduce waste with these tipsThese useful tips will help you plan your meals and work out what and when to cook, freeze and defrost to help you have a less stressful and wasteful Christmas.

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Entitlement to health cover for visiting relatives

EHICWith Christmas just around the corner, many families within BFG will be welcoming visitors into their homes for the Christmas holidays.

The information given here is a reminder of the health care entitlement for visiting relatives.

Does my visitor need travel/medical insurance?

All visitors, regardless of nationality, need to take out travel and medical insurance to cover the duration of their visit. It is also important that all visitors carry enough prescription medication with them.


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