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Kent – Operation Stack

Operation Stack on the M20 has in excess of 5,000 vehicles held up in it.  

While Eurotunnel (Folkestone to Calais) and ferry operators DFDS and P&O have operations running to Dunkirk and Boulogne (outbound only with P&O), stack is not reducing.

All hauliers should decide if the journey is absolutely necessary, and if it is they should consider using an alternative UK exit point rather than Dover/Folkestone.

Those still intent on heading to Kent should make sure they have food and water since there could still be several days of waiting. 

The Kent Resilience team are making efforts to get food and water to those vehicles already in stack, but please appreciate it is a mammoth task. 

All non-freight traffic heading coast bound on M20 is being advised to leave at Junction 6 and find an alternative route.

Education Support Fund

Service parents, both regular and Reserve Forces, are encouraged to bring the MoD Education Support Fund to the attention of their child’s school. 

The Education Support Fund (ESF) is now inviting applications from UK publicly funded schools, Local Authorities, state schools, academies, free schools and Sixth Form colleges that cater for the education of Service children. 

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British citizenship fees for newborn children

Following representations from HQ BFG G1 Community Support (CS) Branch, a new Armed Forces instruction (DIN 2015DIN01-130) has been published detailing how non-British parents may be reimbursed for the cost of registering their newborn children as British citizens.

The regulation applies to children born on or after April 1, 2015 to non-British parents serving on accompanied overseas assignments.

Unfortunately, applications made for children born prior to this date are not eligible for reimbursement. 

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