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Drink Driving – Be Aware!


Beware the morning after! You could be over the legal limit many hours after your last drink.

There is no excuse for drink driving – alcohol affects everybody’s driving for the worse.

If you are planning to drink alcohol, plan how to get home without driving.

For more information contact Crime Reduction SNCO 110 Pro Coy 1 RMP
Tel: 05254 982 2467 or Sennelager Mil (79) 2467.

Bus and Coach Service – Survey Results

Firstly many thanks to all who took the time to complete the Bus and Coach Transport survey – online or hard copy. Your feedback has been essential in helping us to understand how the service is meeting your needs and where we can make improvements.

The new service was launched in September 2014 and following an initial bedding down period, the customer survey was launched in February with over 500 responses being received.

These responses provided a variety of views and importantly reflected that overall most users were happy with the services being provided with 91 per cent of Red Bus users and 83 per cent of the ATS users being Very Satisfied or Satisfied.

There was however room for improvement and the following action points were identified.


Where possible improvements have already been put in place and work is continuing in other areas with further announcements planned as major changes are introduced.

In the meantime, your use of the comments/feedback process will help us to ensure that the service continues to provide what you the customer wants.

Local Overseas Allowance

HQ BFG is aware that parts of the community have voiced concerns about the recent reduction to LOA resulting from the change to the Forces Fixed Rate of exchange.

We understand your concerns because we are also affected by the changes. That’s why we have represented through the chain of command the impact this has had on personnel in Germany. 

The FFR influence on LOA is, however, a mathematical calculation, over which we have no influence.

It is not Germany specific; it impacts Service personnel throughout the world. We don’t expect this calculation to change any time soon.

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