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Germany Rebasing – SCE schools closure plan

SCE schools closure plan

Current schools closure plan as at October 28, 2014

THE schools closure plan remains an evolving document and the later closure dates remain provisional; they will be determined by unit moves as directed by the Army Basing Programme.

SCE will provide high quality education, including 0-5 provision as available, in the local community through to final drawdown.

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Germany Rebasing – Removals

Families Household Removals in 2015

Important information for all families (Service personnel, UKBCs and teachers) rebasing in 2015 from Bergen-Hohne, Fallingbostel, Herford, Elmpt, Paderborn and Gütersloh.

2015 will see a major reduction in the British Forces Germany population as we close Bergen-Hohne Garrison, Elmpt Station, elements from Gütersloh and Paderborn, and much of Herford. Over 2,000 families will need to move, concentrated in July, August and September to align moves with children’s schooling.

There are two separate groups of people moving in 2015:

– those moving as part of Army Basing listed above who are included in the 2015 Bulk Moves contract described below;

– and those moving on routine reassignment (such as from Bielefeld to UK, or from Paderborn to UK) who will continue to use the individual unaccompanied baggage movements process: if you are unsure which category you belong you should ask your unit welfare officer.

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LOA rates updated

LOA revision following a change to the Forces Fixed Rate – October 1, 2014

LOA rates are paid according to a measured, additional living cost in the specific overseas theatre and are designed to uplift the Service Person’s (SP) pay packet by the living cost difference, in local currency.

The Forces Fixed Rate (FFR) is the rate at which SP overseas pay allotments will be deposited.

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