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Career success

As part of an initative for National Careers Week by SCE careers service in gutersloh, King’s School will open its doors to businesses, colleges and universities as students learn about planning early for career success.

Young People across BFG will find out all about what the future can hold for them on March 3/4 when businesses and college representatives will be coming to King’s School to talk with young people about their careers. 

The Careers Fair in Mansergh Barracks, Gütersloh, is open from 10am to 3pm on March 3 for King’s students.

It is open to students from Gloucester School and John Buchan School on March 4, from 11am–2pm.

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Insurance cancellations and amendments

The BFG VLO reminds you that AXA insurance have declared that they will no longer insure NATO personnel and renew any current policies.

When you change your insurance to another supplier (regardless of who instigated the cancellation), you must notify your local vehicle licensing office.

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Rebasing 2015: Hotel booking arrangements

This article contains important information on the departure arrangements for personnel rebasing to the UK.

Service personnel’s entitlement to hotel accommodation on departure from Germany and on arrival in UK is specified in JSP 752. Unit Welfare Officers or Regimental Admin Offices should be approached for specific details. 

The entitlement for United Kingdom Based Civilians and Teachers (UKBC/T) is specified by DBS.  

In both cases the arrangements allow time for belongings to be securely packed, moved, and delivered to your new home, and for your accommodation to be prepared for handing back.  

The detail below explains how your hotel accommodation in Germany will be arranged. Separate arrangements are being made for Bergen-Hohne Garrison (Hohne and Fallingbostel), and for Westfalen Garrison.

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