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Don’t be an offending driver

Some BFG drivers have been spotted failing to suitably clear their vehicles of snow and ice before driving, causing a potential hazard to themselves, other road users and pedestrians.

A few have been seen clearing the windscreen and side windows with their hands, and then driving off with restricted vision.

A vehicle must be cleared completely of snow and ice using brushes and scrapers, in accordance with German law.

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Looking out for F&C families

AFF is improving the services we offer to F&C families, one of our largest areas of enquiry.

From February 1, 2016, AFF will only accept F&C enquiries from families via email; the phone line previously used will be discontinued. We would appreciate your help with this by asking you not to pass on telephone details to families.

Our reason for this is that unfortunately, even if a family contacts us via phone, we must always respond via email to provide a written record – this has created a duplication of work. AFF will contact the family via email or phone if we require further clarification.

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Unlawful downloading and file-sharing

If you have received a letter from a German law firm specialising in claims against unlawful downloading, or the file-sharing of music or films and you are not sure what to do, here is some simple advice on how to approach the issue. 

File-sharingWhile most people have at some point or other downloaded music or films from an Internet website, very few net surfers seem to be aware that downloading without payment is unlawful. In simple terms it is considered to be theft.

Legally it is known as a breach of German copyright law (‘Urheberrechtsgesetz’), which is both a criminal and a civil offence in Germany.

In recent years copyright owners have increasingly engaged law firms to try tracking down offenders and make them pay hefty sums in compensation for their unlawful downloading.

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