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Use the BFG C&I and VLO Import/Export and registration services

Many BFG members take advantage of living in Germany under the Status of Forces Agreement and purchase motor vehicles free of VAT and import duty.

There are, however, conditions attached to qualifying for VAT and duty relief. Every member of the force who has a driving licence may return one New Means of Transport per year to the UK while a permanent member of BFG, as long as that vehicle has an accumulated 12 months of BFG registration.

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Tax-free shopping in Germany

Being part of British Forces Germany provides all of us with the benefits of being part of the Force.

One of these is relief from the local purchase tax when shopping. But having these benefits means that we all have a responsibility not to abuse them.

The Force has certain legal obligations/agreements in accordance with the Supplementary Agreement to the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and the German Foreign Forces Customs Law 2009.

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BFG fuel prices for September

BFG fuel coupon selling prices for September are as follows:

Super 95(E5) – €7.45 (no change)

Super Plus – €8.15 (no change)

Diesel – €7.55 (up 10 cents)

Diesel Plus – €8.75 (up 15 cents)

The ARAL FuelCard BFG has gone live and fuel purchased by the card can be up to 16 cents cheaper that a coupon price. Currently it is cheaper to purchase your fuel late afternoon ie on the way home from work.