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Launch of new Armed Forces Covenant website

A new website for the Armed Forces Covenant went live on April 22.

The new website will act as the central hub of information for all matters relating to the Armed Forces Covenant, with specific areas detailing support and advice for:

Current Service personnel (Regular and Reserve) 

Service families 

Service leavers 

Former Service personnel 



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Protect your goods

Safe sex reminder as antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea investigations continue 

Public Health England (PHE) is issuing a reminder to the public to practise safe sex by using a condom with new or casual partners.

The call comes as an increase in antibiotic resistant cases of gonorrhoea continues, a further sign of the very real threat of antibiotic resistance to our ability to treat infections.

PHE continues to monitor and investigate gonorrhoea cases that are highly resistant to the antibiotic ‘azithromycin’. Cases first emerged in the north of England in November 2014.

Microbiologists and sexual health doctors in England are being notified that since September 2015 further cases have been confirmed in the West Midlands and in the South of England. This takes the total number of cases confirmed in England, between November 2014 and April 2016, to 34.

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Two become one

Amalgamation of Robert Browning
and William Wordsworth Schools

Robert Browning School, on Normandy Barracks, was originally a military hospital and celebrated its golden jubilee as a school in July 1997It has been agreed by SCE and Comds BFG and 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade that Robert Browning and William Wordsworth Schools will amalgamate with effect from the beginning of school year 2016/17.

The two schools are already led by a single executive headteacher, have a joint School Governance Committee and a common budget.

Amalgamation is the logical next step, providing benefits for pupils and parents resulting from the greater organisational flexibility of working as a single school.

Consultation with parents, staff and other stakeholders took place last term, with responses clearly in favour of the amalgamation.

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