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Plans for Iron Curtain bike trail

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ICTPlans for a 6,800km cycle path along the former Iron Curtain – the line which divided Europe into East and West for almost half a century – were presented at the House of the European Union in Vienna on Monday.

“The big problem in Europe is that we know too little about each other, which leads to resentment,” said EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn (ÖVP). “This project will contribute to us having a better understanding of each other.”

The track route – to be called the Iron Curtain Trail – will extend from the north of Norway to the Black Sea and aims to combine European culture, history and sustainable tourism.

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Top cat contender

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Elfie hopes to be a world record breakerTwo British expats in Germany hope to claim the title of having the world’s oldest cat following the death of the previous holder, 24-year-old Poppy.

Competition is hotting up for the Guinness Book of World Records title sparked by the death of Poppy from Bournemouth, in June.

But Ian and Pauline Lisney, who are originally also from Bournemouth but now live in Wunstorf near Hannover, believe their 23-year-old pet, Elfie, has a good chance of being crowned the world’s oldest cat.

The couple moved to Germany with Elfie when she was 20 and Ian said her date of birth is recorded in her pet passport, giving her an advantage over the competition.

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Germany News in Brief - July 24, 2014

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11 dead in Dresden bus smash

DRESDEN. Eleven people were killed and 69 injured on Saturday morning when a coach carrying Polish holidaymakers collided with another Polish minibus near the eastern city of Dresden.

The crash occurred at around 2am on Saturday on the A4 motorway which links Poland and Germany. All the victims were Polish nationals. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals.

The Polish coach smashed into a Ukrainian bus in front of it, skidding across the motorway and colliding with a Polish minibus, which was travelling in the other direction.

Prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation against the 44-year-old driver, who was also injured in the crash, on suspicion of manslaughter due to negligence.

An inspection of the three wrecks is expected to be completed this week, a police spokesman said.

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