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Nazi U-boat wreck found off US coast

A sonar image of German U-boat U-576 which lies in 220m of water off Cape Hatteras close by the wreck of freighter Bluefields sunk in a convoy attack in 1942A Second World War German U-boat and the American merchant vessel it sank in battle have been found deep in the ocean off the coast of North Carolina.

The ships clashed in the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942 and were lost for more than seven decades in an area known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Researchers led by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s office (NOAA) of National Marine Sanctuaries discovered the vessels about 48 kilometres from shore in August.

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Germany News in Brief - October 30, 2014

Man avoids jail for killing burglar

STADE. An 81-year-old man avoided a jail sentence on Monday for shooting and killing a teenage intruder who broke into his house in Sittensen, Lower Saxony in 2010.

The state court in Stade found Ernst B not guilty of manslaughter but passed a nine-month suspended sentence. 

The teenager broke into the man’s home in Sittensen with four other masked men, threatening him and demanding money. When the burglar alarm went off, the pensioner was able to get free and grab one of the guns he kept in the house.

As the men fled, he fired several shots, hitting the 16-year-old fatally in the back. The rest of the gang were jailed for between three-and-a-half and four years. 

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Far-right thugs run riot in Köln

Thousands of self-proclaimed ‘hooligans’ from far-right groups protested against Islamists in Köln on Sunday; 45 people were injured, 44 of them police officers, and 17 people were arrested after the demonstration descended into violence (pictured: HoGeSa supporters at Köln train station)Police deployed water cannons and tear gas against an anti-Salafist demonstration by thousands of hooligans and far-right supporters in Köln city centre after it descended into violence on Sunday.

Police said that 17 people were arrested during the course of the day and 45 were injured – 44 of them police officers.

Organisers from the anti-Islamic party Pro NRW had originally given notice of a 1,500-strong protest march to the police under the banner of the group Hooligans against Salafists (HoGeSa).

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