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Clothing kindles ire

The blouse has been dubbed the ‘SS blouse’ by some Twitter usersSpanish fashion giant Mango has been slammed in Germany for selling a blouse the design of which contains a motif that some claim looks like the insignia of the Nazi’s secret police, the SS.

The shirt design containing black lines which resemble lightening bolts has been criticised for its use of a pattern resembling the Siegrune or victory rune insignia sported by SS officers on their uniform during the Second World War.

Mango was quick to apologise for the fashion faux-pas.

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Dozens of complaints against refugee guards

North Rhine-Westphalia interior minister Ralf Jäger at the refugee abuse hearing last weekAlmost 50 complaints have been made against guards at asylum seekers’ accommodation in North Rhine-Westphalia, state interior minister Ralf Jäger said on Wednesday. The state is at the centre of a refugee abuse scandal.

Speaking at a special hearing of the state parliament, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician added that as well as the homes involved in the original abuse allegations in Burbach made in September, six further centres were affected, the Rheinische Post reported.

The police are currently investigating 28 cases of abuse and have received 48 complaints, Jäger said. Ten investigations have been cancelled for lack of evidence or were regarded as minor incidents.

The abuse was “shameful and unacceptable,” Jäger said at the opening of the question and answer session at the state parliament’s interior affairs committee on October 15.

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ID cards to be seized to stop jihadist travel

IDcardGermany has announced new measures to prevent its citizens from travelling to join the jihadist cause in Iraq and Syria, including confiscating their identity papers.

Under a deal struck on October 17 by interior ministers from the federal level and Germany’s 16 states, authorities will be able to take away ID cards from alleged Islamic militants to stop them from leaving the country.

Until now it has been possible to make passports invalid to keep German citizens from travelling abroad. But because German citizens can use their national ID card to travel to Turkey, a frequent jumping-off point for Iraq and Syria, Germany is moving to close the loophole.

“We don’t want terrorism to be exported from Germany,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said.

He added that Berlin also aimed to head off the return of fighters who had gained experience and training in the region to Germany, where they could mount attacks.

Those affected by the measures will receive a substitute document to be used for identification in Germany.