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German News

Germany can’t crack CIA double agent’s laptop

Security specialists have been unable to crack a double agent’s laptopAn alleged CIA double agent secured his laptop so well that German secret services have failed to crack it since he was arrested in July, according to reports.

Der Spiegel reports that Attorney General Harald Range gave the German Parliament’s NSA investigation committee the bad news last week.

Security experts from the Criminal Police (BKA) and secret services are trying to find out whether the intelligence officer at the Federal Secret Service (BND), named as Markus R, sent any more classified material to the US spy agency than they already know about.

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Germany News in Brief - September 18, 2014

7 people injured in acid attack

PADERBORN. A woman is in a life-threatening condition and six other people were injured after a man threw acid on his ex-girlfriend’s face in Hövelhof, near Paderborn, last Thursday.

The 39-year-old woman was attacked by her ex-partner at her home. She was flown by helicopter to a specialist medical unit in Bochum where she was operated on that evening.

Two other people in the house where the woman lives heard her cries and called emergency services. They were injured by the acid when trying to help her.

Four emergency service workers also suffered minor injuries from the acid and were taken to hospital.

Police launched a manhunt but had not found the attacker at the time of going to press on Tuesday evewning. The man has previous convictions for violent offences.

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ISIL banned in Germany

Defence minister Thomas de MaizièreGermany has officially banned the group Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL) from any activities in the country, warning that the jihadists, who have captured swathes of Iraq and Syria, also posed a threat to Europe.

Defence minister Thomas de Maizière announced the ban on flying ISIL flags, wearing ISIL symbols and all ISIL activities at a press conference last Friday.

“The terror organisation Islamic State is a threat to public safety in Germany as well,” de Mazière said. “We are resolutely confronting this threat today. 

“Today’s ban is directed solely against terrorists who abuse religion for their criminal goals.” 

“Germany is a well-fortified democracy, there’s no place here for a terrorist organisation which opposes the constitutional order as well as the notion of international understanding.”

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