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  • All Stars Triumph

    The victorious Army All Stars teamA team of soldiers affectionately called the “Army All Stars” have after two days of fierce competition emerged as the winners of the 2014 Rhino Cup beating the Herforder Devils a local German side 5 - 3 in a tense ice hockey final in Herford Ice Hall.

    The team, from different units based in the UK, played seven matches on their way to winning the trophy and in the process avenged an earlier defeat in the league by the Herforder Devils.

    The win was even more remarkable when you consider that the Army All Stars only get the chance to play together in competitive events. In all, six teams played in the competition with REME Stallions, RLC Chief, AGC Lions from the UK and the Rhino Raiders, a mixture of German based military and civil servants, making up the remaining teams

  • Judge's praise for soldier who faced teen gunman

    A judge has praised a British soldier for showing the “greatest self-control” when faced with a suicidal comrade brandishing a realistic fake firearm.

    Stressed Sig Louis Mark Johnson had drunk much alcohol before he drove to the main entrance of Hammersmith Barracks in Herford to induce a gate guard to shoot him.

    Wearing a hooded top covering his face, the 19-year-old yelled in German and pointed the gun at Sig Craig Southam, who was armed with an SA80-A2.

    Sig Southam cocked his assault rifle, took off the safety catch and shouted repeated warnings until the teenager complied and dropped his weapon – later recognised as an imitation pistol.

  • Another Brick In the Wall

    TAPFS Live 2013The world famous Australian Pink Floyd Show returns to Germany with a new show.

    Critically acclaimed, the astounding performances have been taking Pink Floyd fans by storm for more than 25 years.

    The Australian Pink Floyd are the only Pink Floyd tribute act to be endorsed by the original band and play for a member of Pink Floyd; in 1996, they performed at David Gilmour’s 50th birthday party.

    Their live shows attempt to recreate the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd’s later world tours, employing visual aids such as lasers, inflatables and large displays.

  • BFG paper is a free for all

    Sixth Sense Front page March 27, 2014It is said the best things in life are free. And with Sixth Sense dropping the cover price for all entitled personnel as of April 3, there’s the proof.

    The decision to distribute complimentary copies of the Forces’ favourite newspaper to entitled BFG members has been taken to ensure that the community gets vital, up-to-date information right up to the end of drawdown.

    The 43-year-old weekly publication has been self-financing for many years, receiving the bulk of its income from tax-free advertising. Millions of euros of profit were given to the BFG Welfare Fund and distributed to worthy causes throughout the community in Germany.

  • Last TV repairman set to leave BFG

    Technical whizz – Barry Maddison in his Bielefeld workshop in front of an isolating transformerWhile it might seem absurd to younger readers, back in the mid-1970s British Forces families based in Germany rented their TV sets.

    A married quarter occupant would have to traipse to their local Services Kinema Corporation (SKC) to order a TV and a table to put it on – paying 30 marks (15 euros) a month for the pleasure of watching homegrown entertainment. 

    An installer then came round with typically a Pye Chelsea 18ins colour model, adjusted it and connected up the aerial.

    You needed a small army of technicians to make sure thousands of sets were working. In the late Seventies there were some 35 of them serving the British Army of the Rhine. And now there is just one.


  • You think you know...

    Young people of Gloucester School used dramatisation on the subjects of the good, the bad, the ugly aspects of teenage relationshipsHohne Garrison’s Red Rat cinema recently hosted a multi-agency conference on teenage relationships for the BFG Safeguarding Children Board.

    The seminar brought together a large number of those involved in the business of safeguarding our children in BFG.

    The conference was opened by Col Andy Bellingall, the chairman of the SCB, who stressed the importance of the topic: safeguarding children matters everywhere and all the time.

    The conference was brought to life by a dramatisation on the good, bad and ugly of teen relationships by a group of young people from Gloucester School.


  • What do interest rates mean to you?

    Simple Money Coach by John Vine

    I suspect that for most people, most of the time, the answer would be not very much.

    This is particularly true these days, since we have had almost five years of historically stable and low rates, with the current Bank Of England base rate being just one half of one per cent.

    However, these low interest rates can have a significant influence on our individual financial circumstances. The effects can be of either a positive or negative nature, depending on the current balance of your personal or family finances.

  • Avoid The Next Credit Crunch - Understand Credit Scoring

    Simple Money Coach by John Vine

    The world-wide credit crunch is now out of the headlines, so will probably be easily forgotten by many of us.

    Experience has shown me that such situations sometimes tend to repeat themselves over time. These boom and bust cycles can occur on a personal, as well as national and international basis.

    What is vitally important about credit/debt, is that it is understood and properly controlled. It might be interesting to first discover why some people can easily obtain credit, while others may be refused

    A lender will do some research before making a decision and one of the main factors taken into account will be your credit score.


  • April Concert Highlights

    The concert calendar for April is full of top acts and lesser known hall fillers. Here are a few examples:

    Katie Melua's latest album KatevanKatie Melua

    Simplified is the title of Katie’s tour in 2014 and that is exactly what it will be. The British singer song-writer with Georgian roots will be touring without a big band and technical light show but just a couple of musicians and her clear unmistakable voice.

    Not only will she be performing songs from her sixth studio album Kateven, but also global hits such as: Nine Million Bicycles and Closest Thing To Crazy. Katie, will be appearing at two event halls in Germany:

    • Braunschweig, Stadthalle, April 1, ticket prices start at €51.
    • Bremen, Music Theater, April 2, tickets from €68.

  • Treasured island

    The Rest & Recover Menorca committee – from left, founder Anne Maddison, Steve Morgan, former Army postie Jan Henman and ex-Army chef Adrian DeamerA small but dedicated group of expats living on an exquisite Spanish island has set up a programme to provide free short breaks for soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

    Now in its third year, Rest & Recover Menorca is the brainchild of retirees Don Hyatt and Anne Maddison, and its aim is to help injured British Servicemen and women with their rehabilitation by offering them a break away from their regiments.

    Guests arrive on the island with their wives, partners and carers and do not have to pay for a thing while there. They have time to relax and think about their future before returning to civvy street.

  • Africa Africa

    PosterAround 4 million spectators have already seen André Heller's acclaimed Africa! Africa! as a travelling tent show. Dazzling masters from all parts of Africa and the African Diaspora fascinate both viewers and critics every evening with the tempo, energy and the expression of unbounded joie de vivre of their performances, which together create an indelible experience for both young and old.

    Now André Heller's successful production has been adapted to tour European theatre stages with exceptional dancers, artists, musicians, exotic performers and acrobats that shall once again astonish their audiences with a show that meets the highest standards.

    Georges Momboye, the outstanding choreographer whose genius for dance and choreography already caused a sensation during the previous tour, has discovered many great new talents in Africa since the last tour.

  • For a worthy cause

    From left: Oberst Zeyer, Col David Kelly, Landrat Manfred Müller, Graf Praschma, Dirigent G Hüllmann and Oberst KH SchwarzeThe Bad Lippspringe Rathaus was a fitting location on February 21 as Help for Heroes and the German 21 Panzer Brigade were presented with a charity cheque for €4,000.

    The money was raised during a charity concert, which took place on the evening of January 19 in the St Bonifatius church in Paderborn.

    The concert, held in support of the Yellow Ribbon Campaign run by the Sozialwerk der Bundeswehr, was timed to coincide with the deployment of 21 Pz Bde from Augustdorf on their final tour in Afghanistan.

  • Ex-Soldier floors robber ‘Crocodile Dundee’ style

     Paul Hogan starred as weathered Mick Dundee in the 1986 movie Crocodile DundeeThe brave actions of an ex-Gurkha-turned security guard whose dead-eye aim floored a violent robber were reminiscent "of a Crocodile Dundee movie", police have said.

    A court was told how the former Nepalese squaddie had been badly beaten up by two attackers – but still managed to lob his radio at them, hitting one on the head and taking him down.

    His military-grade courage in fighting off the men was repayed when three criminals were jailed for seven years between them, in connection with offences relating to the £17,000 robbery.

  • They’re in it together

    Army officers Rhys and Rebecca Pogson-Hughes-EmanuelTwo British Army officers from Fallingbostel are nearing the end of their first operational deployment together as husband and wife.

    Army officers Rhys and Rebecca Pogson-Hughes-Emanuel, better known on ops as Capt 'Becky' P-H-E and Capt Rhys P-H-E, left for Helmand Province in September 2013.

    This is the first operational tour for 33-year-old Becky, originally from Rugby. She is Second in Command of 11 Armoured Company, 2 Close Support Battalion, REME.

  • Second to none - SCOTS DG Medals Parade

    THE Duke of Kent presented operational medals to soldiers of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in his role as their Deputy Colonel-in-Chief. Some of the soldiers had only returned from Kabul earlier this week.

    At their home base in Bad Fallingbostel, families and friends watched with immense pride as the Regimental Standard, carried by WO2 (RQMS) Jason Baillie, was marched on to the parade and presented to Padre David Anderson.

    Commanding Officer Lt Col Ben Cattermole had invited the Duke of Kent, himself a former Commanding Officer, to inspect the soldiers and to present the medals.

  • Rock Meets Classic

    RockmeetsclassicThe Gerry Weber Stadion in Halle (Westphalia), just around the corner from Prince Royal Barracks in Gütersloh, once again hosts an unforgettable concert experience; Rock Meets Classic.

    For the fifth time this unique crossover project presents a three-hour live programme of world-famous rock hits and soulful classics performed by top class international artists. Rock meets Classic has, through the quality of the acts, established itself as the premium brand in this genre and boasts an ever-growing fan base.

    The last four concerts brought you such international stars as: Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Steve Lukather from Toto and Lou Gramm from Foreigner - enthralling audiences. This year the line-up is as good if not better than in previous years. It has up its sleeve a unique world premier; superstar and heavy rock veteran Alice Cooper. He will be on stage live with a classical orchestra for the first time in his unprecedented career which spans more than 40 years.

  • Restored kiosk is a boxed gift to Bielefeld

     Rochdale calling - the newly refurbished classic British telephone box, located in Bielefeld’s Altstadt, is officially declared open by Maj Gen John Henderson GOC BFG, right, and the city’s Oberbürgermeister, Pit ClausenThey are an iconic symbol of Britain and can be found in unusual places throughout the world – including in Bielefeld.

    But the red British telephone box that has stood in the centre of ‘Pudding Town’ for the past 25 years was recently looking decidedly the worse for wear and was hardly a shining example.

    The need for a new lick of paint and a facelift caught the eye of Maj Gen John Henderson, GOC BFG, who was keen that this very British image remained as an object of pride for the military community.

    Following extensive refurbishment, courtesy of the British Army based in the city, the now pristine box was re-dedicated on February 27, in a special ceremony attended by the Oberbürgermeister of Bielefeld, Pit Clausen, and Maj Gen Henderson.

  • 'Beatles bus' finds home in Germany

    Memories of yesterday – the Magical Mystery Tour  bus with the famous livery attracts crowds in Hameln, where it was recently on displayBEATLES fan Simon Mitchell has added the showpiece to his vast collection of Fab Four memorabilia by purchasing an original Magical Mystery Tour coach – with a little help from his friends.

    The 53-year-old Germany Guard Service worker from Hessisch Oldendorf recently flew to Scotland to pick up the 46-year-old Bedford once used for sightseeing tours in Liverpool.

    He had spotted the rare vehicle on eBay and decided he had to have it to make his 30-year-old hobby complete, having already amassed Magical Mystery Tour collectibles worth €100,000.

    “It was a lot of fun driving the bus back from the port in Belgium with people waving and honking their horns at us. Some were filming and photographing us as we drove along,” said Simon, who let two friends do the driving and was joined by members from his local Beatles fan club.

  • Look who's back home

    Lt Matt Teasdale leads elements of A Company as they return back to their base in FallingbostelOnly recently, soldiers were escorting the BBC around Main Operating Base Price as the Company closed the base down – and now C Company, 3 MERCIAN, is back at its home base in Fallingbostel.

    With the drawdown in Afghanistan nearing the final stages, British troops are regrouping to the main base of Camp Bastion, and those who have closed the outlying bases are being brought home as soon as is physically possible.

    Arriving almost 24 hours earlier than expected, the welcome was heartfelt as the soldiers marched from the buses to meet their loved ones outside the Battalion Welfare Centre.

  • I will survive

    Irene in her English food shop in Herford packed with delicious goodiesIN THE 20 years since Irene Komadinic opened her English food shop in Herford, she has survived a burglary, two firebombings and stringent EU laws.

    The road to celebrating two decades of supplying expats and Anglophile Germans with the best of British produce has been anything but smooth for the London-born shopkeeper.

    But The Tuck Shop’s raison d’être is down to Irene’s personal service and her many loyal customers, some of whom travel miles for their favourite UK treat.

    The humble business, which started in 1994, is thought to be one of the first English food shops in Germany. Many others have come and gone since.

  • March Concert Highlights

    JasonDerulotourMarch brings a number of top acts to Germany’s concert and event halls. Here are a few, which still have tickets available, to whet the appetite.

    Jason Derulo

    After his global success with the single Talk Dirty, which went straight to number 1 with first week sales of over 160,000, Jason Derulo’s latest album Tattoos became his biggest selling work to date. See his show at:

    • Hamburg, Sporthalle, March 4, ticket prices start at €41.90.
    • Essen, Grugahalle, March 6, tickets from €39.90
    • Offenbach, Stadthalle, March 7, tickets start at €43.
  • Egg-ceptional dedication

    Pensioner decorates tree with 10,000 hand-painted Easter eggs!

     Sp-egg-tacular display: 76-year-old Volker Kraft hangs the last of the 10,030 eggs on the Easter treeDespite the bitterly cold weather, a colourful Easter egg tree in Saalfeld, Thuringia, is luring thousands of visitors from in and around Germany.

    The freezing temperatures and unseasonal snowfall might have most of us running for cover, but the weather hasn’t kept Volker Kraft and his wife from pursuing their annual Easter tradition.

    The septuagenarian couple has spent days climbing ladders to decorate a five-metre high apple tree in their garden with thousands of brightly decorated chicken and duck eggs.

  • Intensive Criminology Course

    Interested in being a police, prison or probation officer, working in the courts, with a youth offending team or as a mental health or social worker?

    Perhaps interested in researching criminal justice or social policy? Do you want to be a community support officer or police civilian worker?

    Course modules: the criminal justice system; historical and contemporary methods of punishment; profiling, sexual and domestic crimes; psychopathic, sociopathic and mentally disordered offenders; war crimes, the UN and international law.

  • Highway cyberway

    British Forces Online European Highway Code Test
    available from April 2

    As of April 2, the BFG driving permit (BFG Form 57) will no longer be needed to drive a BFG-registered vehicle in Germany.

    It will still be necessary to take a European Highway Code test, but the Highway Code test that was taken in the past, is being replaced by a new online version that can be accessed from your home, or anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can even take the test using a tablet PC or smart phone.

    Previously, on arrival in Germany, drivers of BFG registered or military vehicles had to sit the Tick Test/European Matrix Test at their GTO or garrison families’ office before they were given their BFG driving permit (BFG Form 57) or MoD Driving Permit (FMT 600).

    From April this is changing. It has been decided that the BFG driving permit has no significant purpose and is being discontinued.

  • HIVE opening hours over Easter


  • The live of Bryan

    Singer Bryan Adams - coming soon to BielefeldCANADIAN rocker Bryan Adams will be performing in Bielefeld on June 21, as part of his Germany tour.

    The singer has had a string of hits over 30 years, including Run to You, Everything I do (I Do It For You) and Please Forgive Me.

    He will be appearing in the ‘Pudding Town’ as part of the Soundpark series of open air concerts in Ravensberger Park, starting at 7.30pm.

    For tickets, costing €69.25, log on to: www.soundpark-openair.blogspot.de

  • World Book Day

    The youngsters in their fancy dress celebrated World Book Day in style as library staff read out a story or twoElmpt Army Library and Information Centre welcomed children from Brüggen School on March 5 and 7, to celebrate World Book Day 2013. 

    The children looked fantastic as they arrived dressed as their favourite book characters and the library staff organised a range of activities for the children to enjoy and learn.

  • Armed Forces Pay Award

    The 2013 report of the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB), which makes recommendations on the pay and charges of 1-Star officers and below, was published on March 14.

    The Government has accepted the recommendations in full, except for the recommendation on X-Factor where consideration is being deferred.

    Personnel will therefore see the following impacts of the award, where relevant, in their April pay statements.

  • Tax-free purchases

    Following earlier initiatives to provide better services for personnel in BFG, a review of tax-free purchases from the UK and in Germany has been undertaken.

    Below are the changes that have or will be implemented to make it easier for you to claim a refund of VAT.


  • IWD: Pioneering Royal Navy women meet across generations

    Wartime heroine Beth Hutchinson with Lt Cdr Polly Hatchard at the Royal Naval Air Station YeoviltonA 92-year-old heroine of the Second World War met the Royal Navy’s first female air engineering officer this month.

    Wren Booth, today known as Beth Hutchinson, was awarded the British Empire Medal for her outstanding bravery in 1944: the first to be awarded to a female in the Royal Navy.

    Visiting Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton to commemorate the honour, Beth met another pioneering woman; Lt Cdr Polly Hatchard, the Royal Navy’s first female air engineering officer.

  • Germany’s worst neighbour faces court

    75-year-old Terror Günter – as he is called in the tabloids – will face charges of disturbing the peace, damage to property and making threatsAn elderly German man with a penchant for urinating in plant pots, verbal harassment and nudity has been outed by the Bild newspaper as the “country’s worst neighbour”. He faces multiple court charges for his anti-social antics.

    The newspaper dubbed the 75-year-old Frankfurt resident ‘Terror-Günter’ for his dedication to making his neighbours’ lives as difficult as possible.

    The ex-truck driver, identified only as Günter D, has been accused of calling his neighbours prostitutes and scrawling lewd graffiti in their building’s communal areas.

    Residents also said they had spotted him on multiple occasions relieving himself into the flowers.

  • McDonald’s educate the young

    GN-McDSchoolGerman schoolchildren are soon to get lessons in consumer awareness courtesy of a group which includes McDonald’s and two leading supermarket chains, a move that has been sharply critised by a consumer watchdog.

    McDonald’s, along with supermarket chains Rewe and Edeka and retail chain Tchibo, are members of the Association for Consumer Education which will soon start an education campaign in schools across the country.

    Although the initiative was supported by Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner, consumer watchdog Foodwatch said the move made gamekeepers out of poachers.

  • Germany News in Brief - March 21

    Germany: World’s no 3 arms dealer

    BERLIN. Germany is the world’s third largest arms exporter behind the US and Russia, the Stockholm-based researchers Sipri said in their five-yearly report revealed on Monday. Between 2008 and 2012, Germany was responsible for seven per cent of global arms exports. European states received 35 per cent of Germany’s arms exports over the past five years, followed by Asia and Oceania 31 per cent and the Americas 17 per cent. The Middle East received just 14 per cent of German arms exports over the past five years, with several high-value deals with Saudi Arabia and Qatar still under discussion. These deals, along with another agreed deal with Algeria last year, added fuel to a long-running debate in Germany about the appropriateness of German weapons exports to volatile regions.


  • Welcome Wednesday Bring and Buy Sale


  • What’s buzzing at the HIVE

    Pad-EllisHIVE information officer Claire Ellis has recently moved to Paderborn Garrison from Northern Ireland and works in the Sennelager office.

    She has previously worked at two different HIVE locations so has experience in many areas such as deployment, security, moving and local information.

    “I enjoy working for HIVE and am excited at the new challenges that BFG HIVE will bring. If you are out and about at the NAAFI Max please pop in and say hello,” says Claire.

    ● Call in to see the Sennelager Hive Information officers at the NAAFI Resource Centre, open Monday to Friday, 8.45am – 2.45pm. Tel: 05254 982 2771, fax: 05254 982 2771.

  • Paderborn Easter church services

    St Christopher’s Church, Dempsey Barracks:

    March 24, Palm Sunday; 9.30am Family Service with Blessing of Palms.

    March 28, Maundy Thursday, 7pm Liturgy of the Last Supper.

    March 29, Good Friday, 9am Veneration of the Cross.

    March 31, Easter Day, 9.30am Easter Family Service followed by Easter Egg Hunt.

    St Peter’s Church, Barker Barracks:

    March 29, Good Friday, 11am Ecumenical Act of Worship for Good Friday.

    March 31, Easter Day, 11am Family Service.

    Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church, Normandy Barracks:

    March 31, Easter Day, 11am Mass.

    Holy Nativity Church, Gordon Barracks, Hameln:

    March 29, Good Friday, 10.30am Service for Good Friday.

    March 31, Easter Day, 10.30am Family Service.

  • 24 hour darts marathon


  • IWD: International Women's Day goes off with a bang!

    District Gunner Bdr Allison Jones holding the spent cartridge after firing the One o’Clock Gun at Edinburgh CastleDistrict Gunner Bombardier Allison Jones was selected by the MoD to highlight the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8.

    The 41-year-old from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, is responsible for firing the world famous One o’Clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle.

    She explained: “As the first female District Gunner appointed to fire the world famous Time Gun in Scotland’s capital city I can literally launch the day with a bang!”

    “International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women’s achievements. The main change to me as a soldier over the years was being asked to do this wonderful job – all due to my qualifications and not my gender.

    “The day also focuses on the continued plight of women and girls in parts of the world where there are abuses of human rights, violence and humantrafficking.”

  • World's largest air sculpture opens

    The Gasometer in Oberhausen; the Big Air Package is thought to be the largest inflatable object of all timeThe largest inflatable object in the world has been unveiled in Oberhausen. The sculpture, conceived by Bulgarian artist Christo, is being housed in a gigantic exhibition space.

    The Gasometer was built in the late twenties to store gas generated as a byproduct of the processing of iron ore. The installation, which takes up almost all of its interior, has airlocks which allow visitors to go inside. The entire structure is self-supporting and kept aloft by two air fans.

    The sculpture, known as ‘big air package,’ is 90m high, has a diameter of 50m and is made from a polyester fabric which weighs 5.3 tonnes.

  • AWS Easter activities for young people in Paderborn Garrison

    Pad-AWS Easter-21-3

  • Colosseum Rhapsody

    we will rock frontFrom April Essen will really be rocking: We Will Rock You, the original Queen musical with the 21 biggest hits of the cult band finally returns after five years to Germany for three months only.

    The international hit has been the most successful musical in Köln, where it played continuously for four years between 2004 and 2008, impressing over two million theatre-goers.

    Over 13million spectators worldwide, make We Will Rock You one of the most successful musicals of all times; the prestigious Olivier Audience Award in 2011


    Two lucky winners can each win a pair of tickets for the performance in the Colosseum in Essen on Sunday, April 14 at 2pm, courtesy of BB Promotion and Sixth Sense, by answering the simple question on page TV 7 of this week’s Sixth Sense. Closing date for the competition is Tuesday, April 2.

  • The way ahead

    Brigade Reconnaissance Force begin Mission Specific Training with Cyprus exercise

    A total of 126 personnel, including 81 members of the BRF, deployed to Cyprus for training in preparation for Herrick 19Soldiers of the 7th Armoured Brigade Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF) have started training for Op Herrick 19, on Ex Lion Sun, a three-week exercise in Cyprus.

    The BRF is formed around the basis of B Squadron 9th/12th Lancers, supported by the Recce Platoon of 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards.

    The Squadron will provide both a reconnaissance and strike capability to Task Force Helmand, and is made up of 17 different capbadges from across 7 Armd Bde and beyond.

    The exercise offered the first opportunity for the Squadron to work together, bringing together assets including the Fire Support Team, the Light Electronic Warfare Team and the Company Intelligence Support Team.

  • BFG light testing

    Change to headlights requirements for roadworthiness inspections on BFG registration and operation of vehicles in Germany (SO BFG 3213)

    Historically, BFG car owners have had to purchase European headlights for permanent driving in right hand traffic systems, ie driving on the right in Germany.

    With the advent of new technology some modern vehicles are fitted with headlights that have mechanical/electrical or software activated converters to change the headlight beam pattern to a flat beam, thus eliminating dazzle for oncoming vehicles.

    Until now, such conversion has been regarded inadequate to meet the requirement imposed upon BFG under international law to ensure that adequate safety measures are in place for BFG vehicles. However, having studied the approach taken for vehicle testing in the UK, there is now greater confidence that the use of converters would meet the legal requirements placed on BFG.

  • Ladies Spin Session


  • The Welsh Cavalry swap Scimitars for jungle boots

    Lt Wiggins gives orders to his men during Ex Rukh Eagle in BruneiB Squadron of 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, ‘The Welsh Cavalry’, have swapped their Scimitar vehicles for jungle boots to take part in warfare training in Brunei.

    It’s 50 years since the Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation when 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards operated in the jungles of Borneo. B Squadron were therefore keen to get to grips with the challenging environment in Brunei on Exercise Rukh Eagle.

    Under a joint defence agreement between Brunei and the UK, MoD has a small garrison of just over 2,000 people centred around 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles (2 RGR).

    B Sqn’s training for the exercise took place in slightly different conditions to those associated with the jungle.

  • Joe Cocker - All Fired Up

    Joe CockerThe working class lad from Sheffield with the unmistakable voice and rousing live performances has released a new album and will be touring Europe this spring.

    Two years ago, Joe Cocker impressed his fans with his album Hard Knocks; which quickly went platinum. Joe recently returned to the studios with producer Matt Serletic and released the excellent follow up work, Fire It Up, in which he presents classic soul songs, big power ballads and energetic up-tempo hits with his trade mark professionalism.

    "Recording an album" explains Joe Cocker, "to me is a bit like painting a picture. You know that you have 12 songs and thus all of the colours. I like it when every song has a different character and does not reflect all the same mood."

  • Bavarian Bravehearts

    ‘They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!’ Tackling obstacles along the 26km routeThousands of wannabe Scottish revolutionaries invaded Bavaria last weekend to wade through mud and freezing water and climb over walls and obstacles along a 26 kilometre course, named after Scotsman William Wallace.

    Many of the 2,500 participants painted their faces – and other parts of their bodies – blue, and dressed up in kilts to take part in the Braveheart Battle in Münnerstadt, near Schweinfurt.

    Former Bundeswehr soldier Joachim von Hippel dreamt up the torturous circuit and named it after the 1995 Mel Gibson film, saying there was no German figure as tough as Wallace. “There is no figure in German history who’s on the same level as William Wallace and that’s why I used the name Braveheart to motivate the participants,” he said.

  • Graffiti your gateau, decorate your dinner

    World’s first edible spray paint hits the market

    Blue strawberryA German food company has invented the world’s first edible spray paint for people wanting to give meals a splash of colour.

    The cans, called Food Finish, come in gold, silver, red and blue, and can be bought online at the-deli-garage.de for €24.80.

    The spray paint has no taste and can be applied on any item of food to offer a quirky alternative to regular meals.

  • Leipzig Zoo’s baby tapir charms fans worldwide

    Leipzig Zoo is appealing for names for their latest star, a four-week old tapirTapir fans from around the world have flooded the Leipzig Zoo with emails suggesting names for a spotty baby tapir born four weeks ago.

    Zookeepers were delighted by the exotic new arrival and put out an appeal for names – but were overwhelmed by the more than 1,500 ideas which were sent in from across the globe.

    Fewer tapirs are being born in captivity than ever before and in the wild they are being threatened with extinction, said zoo director Jörg Junhold.

  • Cabinet backs ‘whitewashed’ poverty report

    The Conditions of Life in Germany report reveals that 14 to 16 per cent of the population are ‘threatened with poverty’A long-delayed report on poverty in Germany has finally been rubberstamped by the government – without the parts that stated that wealth is distributed very unequally. The official report shows that despite healthy growth in both the economy and the job markets, the gap between rich and poor has grown further in Germany.

    The report’s publication was delayed for months by a coalition row over apparent deletions made by Economy Minister Philipp Rösler, head of the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Critics have accused the government of whitewashing the report, after it emerged that one of the lines removed by Rösler was, ‘Private wealth in Germany is distributed very unevenly’.

  • German News in Brief – March 14

    Family devastated by fire, 8 killed

    STUTTGART. A fire on Sunday at an apartment block in Backnang, near Stuttgart, left eight people dead, seven of them children, police said. Three other people were injured in the fire and taken to hospital. The youngest victim was a six-month-old baby, who along with six siblings and their mother died after a fire swept through their flat. Thick smoke is thought to have suffocated all seven while they were sleeping, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said on Monday. As the victims were Turkish, the country’s Ambassador to Germany Hüseyin Avni Karslioglu travelled to Backnang to pay his respects, as did Turkey’s Consul General Mustafa Türker Ari. Police said they believe the fire broke out in a second-floor flat and are focusing their investigation on a heater in the flat. A German-Turkish cultural association has an office on the building’s ground floor, but police said there was no indication that the fire might have been a racist attack.


  • Fuel coupons – old and new

    Fuel coupons currently on sale for 2011/2013 can be used up to and including March 31; they will cease to be valid at midnight on March 31.

    E10 fuel coupons are no longer sold (as of March 1); customers who still have E10 coupons can use them until midnight on March 31.

    Fuel coupons will not be exchanged on a one for one basis until April 1; customers with E10 coupons can get a refund for their remaining coupons at €8.95 per 10 litres.

  • Medical Centre Services - Easter

    During the Easter holiday, medical centres across BFG will be closed or have reduced opening times. There will, however, be a 24-hour telephone advisory service.

    The following medical centres are closed from Friday, March 29 to Monday, April 1: JHQ, Elmpt, SHAPE, Ramstein, Brunssum, Münster, Herford, Bielefeld, Detmold, Paderborn, Hameln, Celle and Fallingbostel.

    If you are unwell call your medical centre first – do not go directly to the medical centre as most of them will be closed or have reduced opening times.

  • We need your help – Health Service survey

    NTK-SSAFA Survey

  • Doggone it, pet networking works!

    WO2 Neil Rudd with his adopted dog Erika at Frankfurt Airport. They are meeting for the first time after Neil spotted the pooch on the Facebook group page Rescues That Rehome to Forces FamiliesABANDONED dogs in Cyprus are finding loving homes in BFG thanks to a network of animal lovers who are posting pictures of the pooches online.

    WO2 Neil Rudd, who serves with The Queen’s Royal Hussars in Sennelager as the RQMS, picked up his adopted pet at Frankfurt airport earlier this month after finding it on the web.

    Erika, an 18-month old German short-haired pointer, had been abandoned in Cyprus and was rescued from a pound just before being put down.


  • Try hard

    On the ball - SSgt Garry Windle, of Hameln-based 28 Engineer RegimentThree BFG-based soldier will be spilling sweat and tears as they bid to break the world record for the longest game of rugby ever played.

    SSgt Garry ‘Ginge’ Windle, of 23 Amphibious Engineer Sqn, 28 Engineer Regiment in Hameln, Cpl Carl Taylor, from 3 Mercian Regiment in Fallingbostel, and Pte Ollie Towers, AGC Clerk attached to 32 Engineer Regiment in Hohne, have been selected to play in a rugby union charity match that is expected to last more than 24 hours.

    Starting on May 31 at Welford Road, the home of rugby legends Leicester Tigers, the event also aims to raise money for Scotty's Little Soldiers, a charity set up to help the children of fallen heroes, and make it into the record books.

    The soldiers’ tri-Service side will be taking on Team Scotty, a select side made up of championship players and soldiers who knew Cpl Lee Scott, after whom the charity is named in his honour.

    The match will be full contact and continuous, with only 22 players per team allowed to play.

  • Senne railway line closed

    The Senne railway line is closed until March 28 for modernisation.

    During this time two bus lines will operate for passengers travelling to and from Bielefeld and Paderborn. There is a faster direct bus with stops only in Schloß Holte and Hövelhof, and one bus which calls at all stations along the Senne line.

    Tickets can be bought on the buses. Places for wheelchairs/pushchairs are available on normal buses but not on the direct buses. Bicycles cannot be transported on any of the buses.

    Larger groups wishing to travel are advised to register in advance under 0180 5600161.

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice courses

    Thinking of joining the police, probation or prison service? Fancy a career in youth justice or social work, the courts or other Ministry of Justice/Home Office? Generally interested in crime and punishment? Then this course is for you.

    Students will learn and debate about agencies of the criminal justice system; current and historical punishment/death penalty, profiling crimes, mental disorders and the law, sexual and violent offences and war crimes/genocide.

    Paderborn courses cost €50 including all papers; all students are given a certificate detailing the modules completed and those who complete the coursework (not mandatory) are given a reference letter and marks which some universities may award points towards diplomas and/or degrees.

    INTENSIVE COURSES: Mon-Thu, March 18–21 (5pm-8pm) and Mon-Thu, April 22–25 (5pm-8pm).

    SIX WEEK COURSE: Monday evenings only – April 8 to May 20 (No class on April 29).

    Email: mlwilliams7800@yahoo.co.uk, tel: 01767 5456069 or view the website: www.whatiscriminology.co.uk

  • NAAFI reveals future plans

    Changes are happening down at your local NAAFI storeNAAFI has outlined its future retail strategy following the recent announcement by the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, on the rebasing and exit of the British Army from Germany.

    The organisation says it is reducing the size of non-food categories in its shops while providing floor space to SSVC – specialist retailers of audio-visual products and domestic appliances.

    It also promises to deliver popular British products and improved services to its customers in retail, catering and leisure “until we all leave Germany”.

  • Flying For Freedom

    A team of injured Service personnel are to attempt a world-first microlight flight to the South Pole.

    On January 22, in partnership with Help for Heroes, six of the eight-strong team of pilots launched the Flying for Freedom mission which seeks to enhance recovery programmes for injured and disabled Servicemen and women by getting them to experience the freedom of flying microlight aircraft.

    Lord Digby Jones, patron of Flying for Freedom, joined the squadron at the Tower of London expedition launch to pay tribute to their bravery in tackling the task and giving fresh hope to all injured and disabled military personnel.

  • B Sharps gig not to miss on March 16

    Popular Anglo-German cover band B Sharps will be playing in Fat Louis’ in Paderborn on Saturday, March 16, kicking off about 9pm.

    Lead guitarist and SCE teacher Steve Jessop says the “fun loving, entertaining band” creates upbeat music from across the decades and the genres of soul, pop, rock, new wave – go along for a good night out.

  • Important Information: Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold

    Due to the fusion of Sparkasse Paderborn and Sparkasse Detmold the sort code will change to: 476 501 30 for Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold, wef March 18.

    Cash supply on March 16/17 2013

    From the evening of Friday, 15 March 13 until Sunday, March 17 the ATMs are available only to a limited extent. Please ensure you withdraw the cash you need early. In the course of the technical fusion there might also be restrictions using SB-Technik, ie ATMs, abroad. The bank statement printers and SB-terminal will not be available.

    Paying by SparkassenCard

    There will be some functional restrictions when using the SparkassenCard as means of payment from the evening ofFriday, March 15 until Sunday, March 17.


    Online banking applications will not be available on the weekend (Friday, March 15, 8pm until Sunday, March 17, 4pm).

    On Sunday, March 17 after 4pm the online banking application can be accessed via www.sparkasse-paderborn-detmold.de

  • CeBIT: Out of this world

    World’s biggest tech fair targets Asia and social media

    Chancellor Angela Merkel officially opened the world’s biggest high-tech trade fair in Hannover on Tuesday. At the ceremony, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers joined a live video link from the International Space Station to speak to colleague Thomas Reiter and the chancellorCeBIT 2012 got off to a spectacular start on Tuesday, when German astronaut Thomas Reiter linked up with the International Space Station (ISS) in front of 2,500 distinguished guests including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The interview from the space station was transmitted live on stage at the Congress Centre in Hannover.

    The world’s biggest high-tech fair, with more than 4,000 exhibitors from some 70 countries, is pinning its hopes on growing tech regions Asia and Africa.

    “CeBIT is becoming increasingly international as we see countries in Asia and Africa developing more and more into IT nations,” said Hartwig von Sass, a spokesman for organisers Deutsche Messe.

  • Sailors in suspected racist mutiny

    A group of German naval sailors have been accused of mutiny, attacking a superior officer, tying him half-naked to a table and writing racist slurs on his legs.

    The victim holds the rank of bosun and is German-born but of Thai descent, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported last week.

    Four first mates – the equivalent of sergeants in the army – dragged their superior officer out of his bunk late at night on February 15, while the German navy’s warship the Hermelin was docked in Beirut harbour.

  • German News in Brief – March 7

    Politicians to get security phones

    BERLIN. Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German political leaders with access to state secrets are to be issued state-of-the-art, high security mobile phones later this year. Düsseldorf security firm Secusmart and Telekom subsidiary T-Systems have been handed contracts to supply the new encoded communications systems, business weekly Wirtschaftswoche reported on Monday. The phones are said to be the first to allow both calls and emails to be encrypted – until now, Germany’s government politicians had to use separate devices to handle these communications. The phones also allow Facebook and Twitter apps to be used – the social media sites were previously blocked on state-issued security phones.

  • Know your prostate

    Seek advice from your doctor as soon as possible if you think you have a prostate problemProblems with the prostate are very common among men especially as they age. Some men are too embarrassed about their symptoms to talk about it or seek advice, however, it is important for men to be aware of the symptoms linked to prostate disease and to seek advice from their GP at the earliest point.

    The prostate gland is a small gland that’s only found in men. It is located between the penis and the bladder and it surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis).

    The prostate gland’s main function is to help with the production of semen (the fluid that transports sperm). It produces a thick, white fluid that is liquefied by a special protein known as prostate-specific antigen (PSA). The fluid is mixed with sperm, produced by the testicles, to create semen.

    There are three main conditions that can affect the prostate gland: prostate enlargement, inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis) and cancer of the prostate.

  • A new lease of life

    Fitness advisors offered visitors the chance to try the challengesSoldiers in Germany are being encouraged to get fit and not let bad habits creep into overseas life.

    A health fair was held in Paderborn Station for three regiments from 20th Armoured Brigade at Barker Barracks on February 13.

    Members of 35 Engineer Regiment, 1st Battalion Prince of Wales’s Royal Regiment and 3 Close Support Battalion REME took part in events to combat against obesity, binge drinking and smoking.

  • 16 – 19 Partnership

    PAD-16-19 Partnership

  • Tons of courses planned

    PCDL Coordinator Stacey Jones, left, and Alex Sweeney with her Phase A German certificateAdd some weight to your CV, learn a new skill or discover a new hobby by signing up for one of the many courses on offer at the Army Education Centre

    42 Education Centre Group will be starting a new term on April 15 and will be offering tons of new courses.

    The latest tutors to come forward are going to offer such things as embroidery, guitar lessons, a video workshop and a diet and nutrition course.

  • Community policing drop-ins

    The Community Policing Team of 111 Provost Company invites you to attend community drop-in clinics which will be held at these locations:

    Bergen Community Centre, Seymour Str, Bergen (next to Slim School), every Wednesday, 1pm to 2pm.

    111 Pro Coy Community Police House, Weinberg Estate (near Theodor-Storm Str), Bad Fallingbostel, every Friday, noon to 1pm.

    The aim of these meetings are to make you aware of what is happening in your area and for the Military Police to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    For further information contact Sgt Nikki Gordon, tel: 01727 627394, Cpl Aaron Smith, tel: 01738 873045, LCpl Steve Taylor, tel: 01738 873042. Or visit the Facebook group – 111 Pro Coy Community Policing Team.

  • Krafty Kidz


  • JHQ’s Last model United Nations

    Students line up for a group shot at the last installment of the Model United Nations at JHQThe very last Model United Nations recently took place at the Rheindahlen Rooms, JHQ, organised by Windsor School and Chris Sholl.

    On Saturday, March 2 some 10 schools from SCE and Germany were represented in the final installment of the event.

    A lively debate and conference provided a platform for the students to showcase their skills and talents in role as members of The United Nations.

  • Down to the detail

    The future for British Army bases in Germany was confirmed by the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, in the House of Commons on March 5.

    Details were set out in the Army Basing Plan which clarifies for the first time the Army’s future permanent UK locations and the timetable for the drawdown of troops from Germany back to the UK.

    The Government announced in 2010 that the British Army will be brought back from Germany by 2020. These changes will provide savings and efficiencies for the Army, a sustainable military footprint to support military operations and certainty for personnel and their families.

  • Outstanding support

    Minaz Hirani is pictured receiving his 12-year certificate from Lt Col Andy Thorne at Windsor School. Minaz Hirani is pictured receiving his 12-year certificate from Lt Col Andy Thorne at Windsor School.

    Minaz, known as ‘H’ to everyone in and around JHQ, is a great asset to the school as it heads towards closure.

    His military background and knowledge of MoD systems is a great help as the school closes and disposes of all equipment.

  • Talking Turkey


    Merkel: Turkey’s EU bid must be kept ‘on track’

    Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan could not bridge their differences on key topics but agreed to continue an open dialogueChancellor Angela Merkel insisted on Monday that she had hesitations over Turkey’s full membership in the European Union but said the entry process should nevertheless be kept “on track.”

    “We are going through an open-ended negotiation process... Although I have reservations on full membership, I certainly want to keep the talks on track,” Merkel told a joint news conference in Ankara with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    The chancellor also said that she was in favour of opening a new chapter among the 35 policy chapters in the body of EU law that Turkey has to complete before the bloc’s members can make a decision on full membership.

    Merkel, however, urged Turkey to implement the Ankara protocol to extend a customs union agreement to internationally recognise Cyprus, which joined the EU in 2004.

  • Charities say ‘neigh’ to feeding horse to the poor

    Sampling frozen lasagne containing traces of horsemeat, Hartwig Fischer’s verdict was: ‘Tasty! I can’t tell the difference’A conservative German politician has been slammed for suggesting that poor people be given the meals removed from sale because they contained horsemeat.

    Charities and one Catholic leader said the idea showed an astonishing lack of respect.

    Hartwig Fischer, of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said last week it would be a shame to destroy the lasagne and other ready-made meals.

    “These are high-quality products found in Germany, not health-endangering foods,” he said.

  • De Maiziere tells soldiers to ‘stop whining’

    De Maizière’s comments came during his visit to German Patriot rocket units stationed in TurkeyDefence minister Thomas de Maizière has offended German soldiers by suggesting they were addicted to praise and in constant need of approval. Instead, he said they should concentrate on their work.

    In an interview with Sunday’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, de Maizière said the German public had become more supportive of soldiers in the Bundeswehr. But he added that many soldiers did not see this, and were desperate for approval.

    “They have the understandable, but often exaggerated desire for appreciation; they have perhaps become practically addicted to it,” said de Maizière. “Simply stop craving recognition,” he said. “One does not get the appreciation of others by asking for it, but by working well.”

  • Cool runnings

    Thousands turn out for topless tobogganing

    Singer and former model Nico Schwanz (third from left), who starred in the German version of I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!, won the men’s event and donated the prize money to charityWhile most of us are now pretty fed up with the wintry weather, a group of hardy competitors braved the icy conditions to take part in the annual topless sledging contest in Altenberg, Saxony.

    Thousands of spectators turned out to cheer on the skimpily clad men and women as they raced down the 100 metre course in a series of knock-out races, each hoping to win the £1,000 first prize.

    Former male model Nico Schwanz came first in the men’s section while Annett Schnädelbach sloped off with the women’s trophy.

    “It was freezing out there and you feel like you’re going very, very fast because of the wind whistling through every bit of your body,” said Ms Schnädelbach. “But it was certainly fun warming up again afterwards.”

  • German News in Brief – February 28

    Systematic egg fraud cracked

    OLDENBURG. Prosecutors are investigating around 200 German egg farmers suspected of falsely labelling their produce as organic or free-range, in what has been described as fraud on a massive scale. It would seem that millions of eggs have been sold under false pretences over the last few years, exploiting the willingness of some customers to pay extra for produce from more humanely kept birds. Prosecutors in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, said they were investigating around 150 local farms and some 50 elsewhere. Those under suspicion were largely conventional farms, but some organic farms were also affected. If the suspicions are proven, operation licences from the relevant farms could be withdrawn. Should any farmer be convicted of breaking the food produce and animal feed laws or organic farming laws, they could be fined or even imprisoned for up to a year.

    Air-writing glove wins prize

    KARLSRUHE. Computer scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) have won a 61,000 Euro prize from tech giant Google for developing an “air-writing” glove that could simplify typing on mobile phones. Professor Tanja Schulz and Christoph Amma from KIT developed a new type of input device that can sense handwriting based on a user’s wrist movements. They hope their invention could soon make the cumbersome typing on the mini keyboards of smartphones obsolete.

  • Top turnout for Valentine Special

    The many visitors to Welcome Wednesday’s Valentine Special made the most of the morning by trying the various beauty services on offer and enjoying a chat and a cuppa with friends and neighboursWelcome Wednesday staged a Valentine Pamper Special, at Normandy Barracks welfare room on February 13.

    A wide range of services were on offer for visitors, with the added treat of pamper gift bags for the first 20 people to come to the morning event.

    Hairdresser Natalie and beauticians Trina Burgoyne and Emma Hart were on hand to offer haircuts, eyebrow shaping, manicures and pedicures at special discounted prices, while photographer Lynda Higgs promoted her services and a rep from Neals Yard, Rebecca Cartwright, displayed organic beauty products.

  • Popp(erl)y impressed


    Trophy presentation at William Wordsworth School

    Jim Griffiths presents the Fun Run Trophy to Headteacher, Miss Simpson, and pupils at William Wordsworth SchoolThe children of William Wordsworth School in Sennelager were in for a big surprise recently when Jim Griffiths, Chairman of the Paderborn Branch of The Royal British Legion, visited them.

    Jim called by to present the school with a Fun Run trophy as thanks for their sterling efforts in raising 510,48 Euros for the Branch’s annual Poppy Appeal.

    In total, the 2012 Fun Run raised 7,200 Euros which brought the total amount raised by the Paderborn Branch for the Poppy Appeal to approximately 32,000 Euros – a fantastic effort by all those from the Paderborn area who contributed.

    A big thank you goes to all the units and organisations who devoted their time and effort in participating to raise funds for such a worthy cause.


  • Time 4 Action


    Josh Kerr, Year 11, opened the forum with an update of last year’s successes and outlined areas which still need improvementA chance for the young people of BFG to voice their concerns about life in Germany, made for a successful Time 4 Action 2013.

    The yearly event sees young people at King’s School in Gütersloh, ranging from years 8 to sixth form, meet with BFG professionals, senior members of the Forces community, and school authorities.

    The goal is to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas about improving BFG for young people with those in the position of making changes.

  • The Houdini Experience

    Hans Klok with Pamela AndersonHans Klok who has just finished a run in Las Vegas where he was able to attract the world famous blonde Pamela Anderson as his guest assistant, will be performing across Germany this spring.

    His show will be accompanied by his Las Vegas dance troupe, world class varieté acts and of course the mandatory beautiful and sexy assistants.

    The show is a tribute to his idol Harry Houdini, who enjoyed great success touring Germany exactly 100 years ago. Hans’ illusions transgress from that age through to modern times, adding his own personal touch to the supernatural; all done at incredible speed.

  • For the love of Lourdes

    The majority of visitors to Lourdes are pilgrims  There is an opportunity for serving members of the Armed Forces and their dependants to join the BFG contingent on this year’s annual International Military Pilgrimage (IMP).

    We travel to and from France by sleeper train, courtesy of the Bundeswehr. The cost is very reasonable and the IMP counts as duty, not Annual Leave.

  • Himmler's Historical Home

    WewelsburgAerialONCE again in 2012, Wewelsburg District Museum offers public guided tours through its different departments in the English language.

    Tours will be held April 15 and visitors can choose between two different tours – one leads through the Historical Museum of the Prince Bishopric of Paderborn, the other guides through the recently newly opened exhibition,  Ideology and Terror of the SS, in the Memorial Museum Wewelsburg 1933-1945.

  • On Parade Back In Berlin

    loveparadeberlinfromdionysiascrollTHE infamous techno mega-party Loveparade is back in Berlin. The street music parade is to be called the B-parade and is to be a festival of electronic music, is to cost the capital nothing and is to be above all else, safe.

    Two years after the tragic events in Duisburg and six years after the parade moved from Berlin to the Ruhr industrial area of Germany, the legendary parade is back and has been granted permission to be held in the usual hotspots in the center of the city on June 21.

  • Kingsman Beats The Odds


    Former Kingman Steve SaxtonFORMER Kingsman Steve Saxton proves that junior rank and disability aren’t barriers to success; securing employment with JD Wetherspoon as a grade 2 shift manager at The Henry Bessemer pub in Workington, Cumbria.

    Towards the end of a distinguished 22-year-career, Steve suffered a stroke that left him with serious cognitive impairment: including memory loss, speech impediment and coordination problems.

    “The support I had from the Army was fantastic as they gave me over seven months sick leave and rehabilitation therapy from several outside agencies. My run-out date was fast approaching, my confidence was low and I thought what employer is going to want me as I still have a few health issues,” said Steve.

  • Soldier foils Taliban bullet

    Tpr Daniel GriffithsA BFG-based soldier whose body armour saved him from a Taliban gunshot during a fierce fire fight has told how he shrugged off the impact and carried on with the mission.

    Brave Tpr Daniel Griffiths, from 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG), was shot by insurgents while on Operation EAGLE'S SHADOW, a two-day operation targeting known insurgent 'safe havens' on the edge of the Nad 'Ali district in Helmand province.

    The operation's mission was to disrupt insurgents' ability to attack or lay improvised explosive devices against Afghan security forces and soldiers from the International Security Assistance Force.

    23-year-old Trooper Griffiths, from Wrexham, had been working to identify an insurgent firing point after another part of his patrol came under fire from AK-47 assault rifles.

  • The Spirit of Sound

    Outstanding acrobats at the G.O.P. variete Theatre in MunsterSound is a large space in which all people move, in which they are free and yet to which they are deeply attached. Sound is the origin of all the languages and music that unite each and every one of us. Sound is the largest spirit behind all things.

    For this reason, GOP Vareté’s new show, Spirit, opens a further window of sound and acrobatic artistry following the successful SONIDO show. With a fine sense of humour, buzzing excitement and great artistic images of dancing acrobats from all across the globe. Follow the "Spirit" into the large space behind all things at the Münster Varieté Theatre.

  • Pug the other one!

    Puppy love – the happy couple, Chelsea and Colin Mansell and their maid of honour, Coco, a one-year-old pugThe bride oozed radiance, the groom was sharply dressed – but the maid of honour looked decidedly wuff.

    Chelsea Mitchell insisted on having pet pooch Coco at her side when she tied the knot with Lance Corporal Colin Mansell last Saturday (February 18).

    The couple said their vows in front of some 45 people at St Albans Church on Princess Royal Barracks, Gütersloh, including their one-year-old black pug.