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They’re simply a-maze-ing!

The successful pupils with head teacher Annwen Parry from Brüggen School and library staff, Marie Caldwell and Lesley PritchardPupils at Brüggen School were rewarded for their reading endeavours when they were presented with their Summer Reading Challenge certificates and medals.

Zoe Butler, one of the recipients, explained to a packed
hall what the Mythical Maze challenge was all about and what fun it had been.

Presenting the medals and certificates were Marie Caldwell, senior library assistant at Elmpt and Lesley Pritchard, learning skills assistant at Elmpt ALC.

Annwen Parry, head teacher at Brüggen, congratulated all the pupils and encouraged more pupils to experience the opportunities offered at Elmpt Library. 

Lessons from the past

Parents were invited to see the special remembrance artwork and listen to their children perform songs from the WW1 eraThe children of Haig School in Gütersloh spent the last week of the summer term commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Each year group was given a specific theme from that time and carried out work which was then displayed for the parents to see.  

The children learned songs from the era and sang to the parents too.

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