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They’re simply a-maze-ing!

The successful pupils with head teacher Annwen Parry from Brüggen School and library staff, Marie Caldwell and Lesley PritchardPupils at Brüggen School were rewarded for their reading endeavours when they were presented with their Summer Reading Challenge certificates and medals.

Zoe Butler, one of the recipients, explained to a packed
hall what the Mythical Maze challenge was all about and what fun it had been.

Presenting the medals and certificates were Marie Caldwell, senior library assistant at Elmpt and Lesley Pritchard, learning skills assistant at Elmpt ALC.

Annwen Parry, head teacher at Brüggen, congratulated all the pupils and encouraged more pupils to experience the opportunities offered at Elmpt Library. 

Welcome home to B Sqn QDG

QDG homecomingTwenty soldiers from B Squadron 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards arrived back at their base in Germany last week having completed a four-month tour of Afghanistan.

Waiting for them was a warm welcome from families and colleagues – and a well-earned beer.

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AFF Roadshow – Gütersloh

The AFF Germany Roadshow is in Gütersloh on Thursday, October 2, from 10.30am.

The venue is Club 47 in Princess Royal Barracks.

For full details visit www.aff.org.uk/germanyroadshow

AFF Roadshow – Paderborn

Pad-AFFRoadshowThe AFF Roadshow will be held on Wednesday, October 1, from 10.30am to 12.30pm in the Tigers Den, Barker Barracks, Paderborn.

It is a unique opportunity for questions to be asked direct to the chain of command and AFF specialists.

There will be a panel of experts on the day: AFF Foreign and Commonwealth Specialist, AFF Housing Specialist, AFF Education Specialist, AFF Director, Paderborn Station Commander, Westfalen Garrison Commander, BGH QH DCOS

Please take the opportunity to come along and voice your concerns or questions.