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News Round-up

Gift of love

Cathy and Russell Smith pictured at their wedding in 1985, which included a photo session in Gütersloh's StadtparkHopeless romantic Russell Smith has raised the bar for all married men by surprising his wife with a gift every day in August to mark their 30th wedding anniversary.

Before he went to work, the former soldier hid a small present in the house for his Cathy to find, leaving hints for her on Facebook.

The couple celebrated their pearl wedding anniversary at the Warrant Officers and Sergeants’ Mess in Princess Royal Barracks, Gütersloh – the place of their wedding reception in 1985 – on August 31.

But before then, Cathy received a daily surprise from her loving husband, who had 30 gifts lined up.

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Beyond Ireland’s shores

Brig Andrew Roe, Commander 38 (Irish) BrigadeThe shamrock emblem of 38 (Irish) Brigade is now being seen on soldiers’ arms across Scotland and much of England.

The brigade, based at Thiepval Barracks in Lisburn, has assumed command of more regiments and units in the ongoing transformation of the UK’s Armed Forces.

They are not only responsible for the garrison across Northern Ireland but also a major part of the UK’s Adaptable Force which provides troops, both regular and Reserve, for deployments

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NAAFI paper change

NAAFI is reducing the days on which it sells newspapers, moving to a Friday to Sunday only model from September, the retailer has announced.

The move follows a decline in sales that makes it financially unviable for NAAFI to continue with the current supply.

In March 2014 NAAFI changed how it delivered newspapers to its shops in BFG. This was a result of spiralling supply chain costs and a declining readership caused by the move by many to reading news online.

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Trust me I’m a doctor

James Kerkeling-Sheerin after collecting his PhDA member of British Forces Germany has achieved the pinnacle of academic recognition: being awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

James Kerkeling-Sheerin leads the British Forces Germany Customs and Immigration team and has been in post since April 2013. 

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